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Yo!YO!YO! checkit! 2001 is gonna be the BOMB!!Cybernetic is on tha loose!!DJ Viper X, Tha RIZZA , Cybernetic Funk DJ's are at it again.Commin 2 such clubs as ,Charleey Brownz! Blind Willies! and more 2 come!So Port City!!!!! Look out for Tha C-Funk!!!

AAAAWWWWWWW!!! YEAH!!! Here we go again! DJ Viper X is Breakin out on his own. Thats right, Tha Funky Horn Playa is about 2 release his 1st Techno CD!
I'll tell u now IT'S THA SHIZNIT!!!!!! Drumz an Bass! House ! Acid JAZZ! its all Original Stylins...you wanna copy ?! Send some love by e-mail! Tell'em I want MY CD!! Its on like NECKBONES up in here! Commin' out July 26th,2001!

Awwww Hell Yeah!Mark's Drum an Bass CD commin soon!